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Dr. Alysa Herman’s commitment to skin cancer treatment and patient care is evident through her contributions to the medical field and her involvement in her community. Get to know Dr. Herman better by checking out her appearances in the media. To meet with her, Request a consultation online today, or call (305) 444-4979 to schedule your appointment.


Pollution Protection: In this video from The Morning Blend Extra, Dr. Herman discusses environmental factors that can harm the skin and ways to protect yourself from pollutants.

Articles and Publications

Dr. Herman Discusses Skin Cancer Prevention and Treatment with Florida Weekly

This Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Herman highlights Florida’s high melanoma rates and emphasizes the importance of taking preventative measures. She also provides insights into the latest studies and therapies used to help patients at her practice. Read more.

Hola Latinos Miami Features Dr. Herman and Her Daughter on Cover of Mother’s Day Edition

Dr. Herman’s ability to balance her busy career with being a mom to her 4-year-old daughter, Laynie, is the focus of a question-and-answer feature in this special Mother’s Day edition. She says that becoming a mother “dramatically yet beautifully shifts and reframes one’s priorities about life and what is truly important.” Read More

Dr. Herman Shares Skin Cancer Prevention Tips in Hola Latinos Miami Feature

In a question-and-answer feature published by Hola Latinos Miami, Dr. Herman offers tips for avoiding skin cancer and discusses her holistic approach to treatment that includes diet, exercise, and how to maintain a healthy immune system. She also reveals why she’s thinking about writing a book. Read More

South Florida Business & Wealth Features Dr. Herman and Practice

Dr. Herman is featured in South Florida Business & Wealth magazine’s Healthcare Profile, discussing the challenges of treating patients during a pandemic. She also recommends the best way to protect skin from sun damage and shares the best piece of advice she ever received from a mentor. Read More

Dr. Herman’s Support of Her Staff Featured in Coral Gables Magazine

An article highlighting how Coral Gables business owners navigated the stress of pandemic-related lockdowns featured Dr. Herman, who told the magazine that her “main concern” was keeping her staff employed. The clinic, she says, closed 2 separate times for 2 weeks at a time, but it is now open for all procedures. Read More

Dr. Herman Again Honored as “Top Doctor” by Indulge Magazine

Indulge Magazine named Dr. Herman a “Top Doctor,” saying she was among an elite few “who are at the top of their fields, each with a mission to make their patients feel like the best version of themselves.” In a brief Q&A with the magazine, Dr. Herman discusses her future goals and why she believes simple gestures such as providing patients her cell phone number are so important. Read More

Indulge Magazine Honors Dr. Herman With Top Doctors Award

The magazine honored Dr. Herman as one of Miami’s “most extraordinary medical minds” in its issue identifying 10 of the city’s top doctors in various fields. The magazine notes that Dr. Herman is one of the few dermatologic surgeons in Miami who specializes in Mohs surgery for skin cancer patients. Read More

Melanoma Rates on the Rise

In this eye-opening article, researchers say cases of melanoma skin cancer are increasing, despite an aggressive public awareness campaign educating people about the risks of sun exposure. While genetic predisposition is a risk factor for being diagnosed with melanoma, Dr. Herman says “there’s no question that sun exposure plays a role,” and that she is shocked by the number of younger patients she sees with skin cancer. Read More

“Chronic, Cumulative Exposure”: Skin Cancer and Young People

In this interview with Baptist Health South Florida, Dr. Herman explains that she now sees skin cancer appearing in younger and younger patients — something that was unheard of just 20 years ago. It’s a reminder that prevention is everything, and thankfully, it’s as simple as blocking the sun’s harmful rays. Read More

Make a Monthly Commitment to Skin Checkups

Prevention is everything when it comes to skin care. In this interview article, Dr. Herman outlines the telltale path to skin cancers (i.e., prolonged sun exposure) and explains the importance of head-to-toe skin exams by a medical professional. She also offers 5 foolproof preventive measures, including a monthly self-examination. Read More

Contributing to a Cancer Survival Guide

Asked to collaborate with author Charlotte Libov, Dr. Alysa Herman offered her expertise on melanoma for Chapter 13 of Cancer Survival Guide: How to Conquer It and Live a Good Life. The chapter covers stages of the disease’s progression, signs and symptoms, and treatment options.

Miami Herald cover of boy drinking out of a coconut

Too Young to Worry About Skin Cancer? No Such Thing

In this Miami Herald special article, Dr. Herman and other dermatologists discuss how the skin cancer epidemic has spread to younger generations. Read her advice for prevention at any age. Read More

Tattoos and the Hidden Truth

Dr. Herman weighs in for the Baptist Health South Florida blog about the risks of tattoos camouflaging skin cancer. Learn her recommendations for keeping an eye on moles or changes in your loved ones' or your own tattoos. Read More

Healthy Valley Magazine cover for the May 2014 Issue

Decoding Sunscreens, Beyond SPF and Broad Spectrum

With more options, cryptic numbers and ingredients than ever, Dr. Alysa Herman helps decipher your sunscreen options. Learn the fundamentals and guidelines for applying sunscreen and for protecting your skin. Read More

Healthy Valley Magazine cover for the November 2013 Issue

The Link Between Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer

In the November issue of Healthy Valley Miami, Dr. Herman discusses the truths about tanning and the link between tanning beds and skin cancer. Read More

Healthy Valley Magazine cover for the August 2013 Issue

The Mohs Effective Treatment for Skin Cancer

It's summertime and almost every magazine and TV news program has a report on the harmful effects of the sun's UV radiation and its role in the development of skin cancer. In this article, Dr. Alysa Herman defines Mohs surgery and its role as a treatment for skin cancer. Read More

Healthy Valley Magazine cover

Summer: Beware of the Sun!

Now that summer is here, and the sun is at its strongest, skin care specialist Dr. Alysa Herman discusses safe sun habits so we can enjoy our barbeque's and days at the beach. Read More

Healthy Valley Magazine cover

Curing Cancer Is Her Calling

In this biographical feature, published in Healthy Valley Miami, Dr. Herman discusses her fascinating background, her passion for skin cancer prevention and Mohs surgery, and her commitment to charitable outreach in developing nations. Read More

The Miami Herald article on the South Miami Hospital Mercury Ball

Nearly Half a Million Dollars Raised for Miami Hospital

South Miami Hospital board member Alysa Herman, M.D., attended the 53rd annual Mercury Ball, which raised $450,000 for hospital improvements. This Miami Herald article covers the annual gala. Read More


Dr. Herman recently presented at Mariners Hospital on the subject of ‘Summer Health and Your Skin.’ Stay tuned for more events!

Giving Back

Dr. Herman Performs Free Skin Cancer Screenings

Dr. Herman is passionate about caring for the community both in and out of her office. She regularly donates her time and skills to local events to raise awareness for Greater Miami about how to protect themselves from the sun. Here, Dr. Herman is pictured at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, where she performed free skin cancer screenings. A skin cancer screening is a wonderful, quick way for people to determine whether any of their moles or freckles require further evaluation.

Indulge Magazine feature of Dr. Alysa Herman

Dr. Herman is honored as one of Miami’s Top Doctors by Indulge Magazine, highlighting her as one of the city’s few dermatalogic surgeons specializing in Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer.

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