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We look forward to helping you learn more about Miami skin cancer treatments and Mohs surgery procedures. Experienced and skilled, Dr. Alysa Herman is dedicated to providing you with the treatments you need for an optimal outcome. As you will read in the list of the boards and societies to which she belongs, Dr. Herman possesses exceptional credentials and stays current in her field by participating in these local, national, and international organizations.

Mohs surgery can save lives. Call us at (305) 444-4979 or request a consultation with Dr. Herman.

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Boards & Societies

American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS)

Dr. Herman is a Fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery. “The American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) is a membership organization of fellowship trained skin cancer and reconstructive surgeons specializing in the Mohs micrographic surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. The organization was founded in 1967 by Dr. Frederic E. Mohs, who pioneered a highly specialized and precise technique that removes skin cancer in stages, one tissue layer at a time, resulting in minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue and the highest potential cure rate, at up to 99%. Dr. Mohs served as the first president of the College. The ACMS serves as the voice of the specialty, promoting and advancing the highest standards of patient care through fellowship training, research, education and public advocacy.”

American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS)

Dr. Herman is a member of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS). “The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) is the largest specialty organization in the United States exclusively representing dermatologic surgeons who have unique training and experience to treat the health, function and beauty of skin throughout every stage of life.”

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

Dr. Herman is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). “The AAD is the largest national professional society for the specialty of dermatology. With a membership of over 16,000, it represents virtually all practicing dermatologists in the United States. The Academy is committed to excellence in patient care, medical and public education, research, professionalism and member service and support. Its purposes are to educate dermatologists and the public, and to represent the specialty on issues concerning other professional organizations, the public, industry, and the government. Membership in the AAD includes board certified dermatologists, other dermatologists, and other physicians and health care providers from all over the world who have an interest in the field of dermatology.”

American Board of Dermatology (ABD)

Dr. Herman is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology. “The mission of the ABD is to serve the public interest by promoting excellence in the practice of dermatology through lifelong certification. It is a voluntary, non-profit, private, autonomous organization formed for the primary purpose of protecting the public interest by establishing and maintaining high standards of training, education and qualifications of physicians rendering care in dermatology. The objective of all of its activities is to provide assurance that a diplomate of the Board possesses and maintains the knowledge and skills essential for the provision of superior, specialized care to patients with cutaneous diseases.”

American Medical Association (AMA)

Dr. Herman is a member of the American Medical Association (AMA). “As the nation’s health care system continues to evolve, the American Medical Association is dedicated to ensuring sustainable physician practices that result in better health outcomes for patients.”

International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS)

Dr. Herman is a member of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS). “The International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS) provides the insentive of keeping its members up to date with the latest developments and rapid changes in Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery.”

Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS)

Dr. Herman is a member of the Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS). “The Women’s Dermatologic Society, founded in 1973, is dedicated to helping dermatologists fulfill their greatest potential and assisting them in making a contribution to our specialty and society. To achieve this goal, the Society relies on the active participation of its members, who represent a diverse cross-section of professional sub-specialties. The Women’s Dermatologic Society is committed to issues relevant to women and their families.”

Florida Society of Dermatologic Surgeons

Dr. Herman is a member of the Florida Society of Dermatologic Surgeons. The mission of the Florida Society of Dermatologic Surgeons is “to promote the highest possible standard of dermatologic surgery, provide continuing education for the purpose of ensuring the highest professional quality of dermatologic surgery, provide a forum for the exchange of ideas & methodology for dermatologic surgery & related basic sciences, and to recognize those physicians who have become proficient in dermatologic surgery.”

Indulge Magazine feature of Dr. Alysa Herman

Dr. Herman is honored as one of Miami’s Top Doctors by Indulge Magazine, highlighting her as one of the city’s few dermatalogic surgeons specializing in Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer.

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