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Our Office

When you enter the Miami Mohs surgery and dermatology office of Dr. Alysa Herman, you'll receive a warm, friendly greeting from her staff and an offer of refreshments. Through simple, thoughtful touches, we help patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and cared for each time they visit our office.

Request a consultation online today, or call (305) 444-4979 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Herman.

Dr. Herman's Dermatology Office

You'll experience Dr. Herman's commitment to excellence from the moment you enter her dermatology office in Miami for skin cancer treatment or medical skin care:

  • The chairs, exam beds and lighting were carefully selected for patient comfort.
  • Magazine and book selections are based on her patients' preferences and interests.
  • Installation of Wi-Fi in the office and availability of iPads® are for the patients' convenience and entertainment.
  • Music is provided in the exam rooms so that patients may listen to their choice of music during their surgical procedure.

In sum, Dr. Herman wants you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and cared for throughout your experience at her office. And it's that attention to detail that you want in the surgeon who will treat your skin cancer.

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